Saturday, November 3, 2012

Le marché Souk - The Souk Market Marrakech 2012

Le marché Souk - The Souk Market Marrakech 2012

The Souk Market Marrakech 2012 or (Le marché Souk ) the first market for young designers made ​​in Morocco.The opportunity to come and meet another creation Moroccan who lacks neither talent nor imagination!

The program includes dozens of fashion and decor designers and creators, as Harakat Sisters, Mehdi Khessouane, ArtC, Ghitta Laskrouif, Max & Jan, YamaneAladgham, (….Kounda Design, Laetitia Descamps, Warebel, Boa Style, Little Bohemian, Momo & Ginette, Al Kawtar, Prinze…)

The Event happening new at le Jardin Marrakech 32, Sidi AbdelazizSouk El Jeld, Medina 40000 Marrakech.
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